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Gail Benton is known for having a remarkable capability to help her clients and is extremely educated and experienced. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a post graduate Certificate in the Theory and Practice of Family Therapy from the Center of Family Studies at Northwestern University in Chicago; and is a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent operating as an Independent Agent. As a well versed professional business woman she has attained an outstanding portfolio of products. She joined the Federal Benefit Advisors Team after rigorous educational training on Federal Benefits.

Despite the complexity of the current economic times Gail believes anyone can make the most from their hard earned assets and take strides to achieve freedom from financial concerns; small changes can create big benefits. Having an exceptional knowledge of the current products that are protecting businesses, couples and individual is making a difference.
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Gail Benton, CLTC, CSA
Financial Coach for Individuals & Businesses
Licensed Insurance Agent Since 1997
Tucson, Arizona 85748

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