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Bob has earned a six figure income throughout his career. He is still working at age 69, owes 20 years on his mortgage and has very little savings.

James earned less than half as much income as Bob. He paid off his home in less than 15 years, created a monthly income, and retired at age 57.

What is the difference? Education and preparation... It is never too early or too late to gain a better understanding of your financial position and how to best prepare for the future.
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As a single mom what should I be doing to secure my financial position? TA
We own a business and took out a second mortgage on our home to fund our business. TP
My birthday is coming up and I need to sign up for Medicare, but first I need to know more. JC
We don't want to be a burden to our children or grandchildren - but what if we get seriously ill? AP
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